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We are a landscaping company that also knows the importance of a solid foundation, which is why we offer Las Vegas concrete foundations for your home or business. A foundation that wasn’t built on bedrock might settle unevenly. This, of course, would have consequences for any foundation plantings that a home or business owner might want.

We at Sunstate are also experts in mechanical drainage systems that can help keep water away from your foundations, which minimizes cracks that can form from water seaping underneath the concrete and creating gaps. We also make sure that any soil or sand is kept out of drainage pipes so that they function effectively.

Sunstate was founded in 1987 and we pride ourselves on doing a professional, high quality job each and every time, something that not all contractors do, be they landscapers, plumbers, carpenters or electricians. Even after a job is completed we won’t cut and run, but will make sure that job is done perfectly and to your satisfaction. If you are looking for professional concrete and landscaping experts, call 702.798.1776