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We specialize in building high-quality Las Vegas concrete slabs for homes and business that add beauty and utility for specific purposes. Our experience for 25 years qualifies us to meet the most demanding requirements for the construction of a strong and durable concrete slab. We have studied the properties that make concrete the versatile product that it is today, and we bring our best knowledge and experience to each construction job that our clients require.

concrete slab Slabs that are used as a foundation must provide a level surface to avoid expensive alterations in the building process. Our exact measurements assure that our pours are level so that builders have the best starting point possible. We know the precise water to cement ratio that is the best mix for each job, and we understand its importance for the subsequent installation of floor coverings.

Control joints are an essential part of building a large slab, and we place them at critical points that prevent cracks in the surface. Proper placement of wire mesh on supports to reinforce the slab is extremely important, and we tie it securely. We make sure that the subgrade below the slab has a solid compaction to prevent problems in the future.

Now that concrete is such an important construction material and so prevalent in today’s society, it is easy to think nothing of it. It is effectively used for everything from countertops to columns, in addition to slabs for foundations, driveways and landscaping. Even though it is common, it is by no means a simple matter to mix, pour and finish. We respect the complexity of the product, and we understand how to make it work. We know that concrete can have enormous strength if it is prepared properly, but it can fail under loads if any of the important steps are missed or minimized.

We like to avoid the need to handle concrete excessively so that it does not degrade and can retain the strength that it is designed to have. Concrete actually gets stronger and harder as it ages, and we protect its ability to cure to extremely great strengths. Climate conditions in our area are taken into consideration when we build Las Vegas concrete slabs.