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We here at Sunstate companies have been working on Las Vegas patios since 1987. Since our establishment, we have had the pleasure of working with several different clients and all kinds of project budgets. This has given us the ability to become an integral part of the decision process as our clients choose what design or theme they are going to install on their patios.

Usually, this is an extension of the home as a sitting or gathering area, so it should be welcoming as well as weather resistant. With this and the local climate in mind, we know how to work with you to create an inviting space that is economical at the same time.

When it comes to designing Las Vegas patios, we can also show you a variety of paver stones. These go a long way towards creating an overall look and making sure it’s accessible for everyone. If you prefer stamped concrete instead this will a little more costly but it also lasts longer and is sure to stay in place.

A combination of these techniques also creates an interesting look that shows how much thought went into your patio areas. For those times when cost is the main factor, just share with us what your ideal figure is so we can work with you effectively.

Another inclusion to patio areas is sometimes an ornamental iron gate. These can be beautiful while they add security and you can choose from several colors. Whether you’re looking for black, white, tan or brass, let us come to the site and give you an estimate on how large the gate will potentially be. Then, we can discuss what the price ranges are and what the best design would be.

There’s a variety of designs that can be included and we would be happy to assist you in choosing one. The more we help you design Las Vegas patios, the more familiar we become with various aspects of the job. This means our representatives will be able to make some recommendations for you and guide you when you’re familiar with the options yourself. We look forward to working with you on your next patio project!
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