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When deciding the style of landscaping you want for your home, the choices are endless, but there is one thing that should be mandated, that is, to apply greenscape strategies when creating a landscape. Greenscape landscaping is a creative and environmentally friendly way to design your yard.

You can sod your entire yard and create a lush green living area that is cooler in temperature and vivid in the colors of your choosing, or you can create something more solid and use bricks and stones to develop a structure and/or flooring that can provide a great living space.

All in all, greenscape strategies can help decrease your cost of materials, allow for interesting and creative ideas you may not have thought of if greenscape landscaping was not part of your agenda while still helping the environment. You can do these things by following the famous “Three R’s,” Recycle, Reduce, Re-use. However, when it comes to greenscape landscaping, there is one more “R,” which is Re-buy. Here is an explanation of how to Greenscape landscape:

Recycle: Recycling is when you separate, organize and collect materials so that they can be reused in the future. Sort and recycle any materials that are recyclable when you can.
Reduce: Plan carefully and make sure that measurements for your landscape are precise and accurate. By doing this, you can avoid the over purchase, and therefore wasting, of materials. Also, avoid purchasing parts that are low in quality and require frequent replacement.
Re-use: Landscaping can lead to mass amounts of debris. Instead, of throwing it all away, look for creatively re-use them in your landscape.
Re-buy: When purchasing your products and materials, keep bio-friendly materials in mind. Sometimes, they are even more durable than popular materials. Contact your landscaper for a list and more detailed information on how to create a greenscape landscape.

Greenscape landscaping is a fairly new idea that helps us fuel our landscaping project with a purpose while achieving both physical and spiritual aesthetics. The act of transforming and wielding the earth to express your idea or perspective of beauty is a wonderful experience and it should further involve the respect and gratitude of the source itself, our earth. The earth allows us to experience the expression of mind, body and soul that is encapsulated within the processes of creation. So, environmentally friendly greenscape landscaping methods is the ideal way to create.

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