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For many couples who have lived together for a long time, romance tends to fade. One of the ways to restore its vibrancy is through a romantic garden, says landscape design Las Vegas specialist Sunstate Companies. That’s possible even in water-smart environments, and the blooms can be spectacular. Here are a few pointers:


Being hidden from onlookers’ eyes is one of the founding principles of romance. It’s easily accomplishable with planting shrubs and mid-size trees around the perimeter of the backyard. In cases of concrete fences, plant climbing vines that mask the fence and attract hummingbirds.


A staple of landscape design Las Vegas, roses do surprising well in dry hot climates. Plant a bed right under the kitchen or dining room windows that overlook the backyard. As the roses bloom throughout the year, you will always have perfect setting for a romantic meal.

Water elements

Whether your backyard can accommodate a pool or just a pond big enough for birds to get a drink of water, the concept of being close to water adds a romantic element to any environment and makes it look lush and sophisticated.

Bonding time

One of the elements of marriage that tends to get lost over the years is dialog, and this is a perfect opportunity to practice this skill. Go through a pile of magazines together and cut out the photos that inspire both of you. Go to a garden center together, even if you bring your landscape design Las Vegas specialist to do the heavy lifting, and enjoy the challenge and the rewards it brings.

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