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If you happen to have a home with a small yard, you might be thinking to yourself, what is the point of doing anything to it? But, there are many different ways to make a small yard look amazing as well as provide a comfortable living space. When creating and building a landscape for your small yard there are a few things you must first consider. Here are some landscaping ideas for small yards and strategic methods to make the most out of your small yard:

Build up and not out: Since you have a small yard, you don’t want to build outwards. Your landscape elements will become overcrowded and useless. You want to build upwards. Tall trees, vines and plants, maybe even a light post. Whatever elements you choose for your landscape, make sure that some of them focus on height. With towering trees or other elements, the eye naturally focuses on the surroundings and not the immediate space. Building upwards will also provide the extra space for a small rock patio, rock garden, or lawn that will provide for a comfortable relaxation area.

Focus on colors: There are many landscaping ideas for small yards, but often times, people don’t take color into consideration. Certain colors can actually create a visual effect of larger or smaller space. The cool colors such as blue or violet can actually fool the mind into believing there is more space than there actually is. Therefore, research your colors and find out what color combinations create certain visual effects. If you live in a desert like Las Vegas, you might be limited to the amount of colors you can use. So, try contacting a Commercial Landscape Las Vegas company, they will be able to provide you with a variety of color combination and plant choices to help make your small yard seem bigger than it actually is.

Create a theme: By creating a theme, like a colorful tropical getaway, or a quaint yet rugged stone patio set up, your environment becomes the main focus, not the size of your yard. Make sure that all the components of your yard go together and come together to create a symmetrical and color coordinated landscape.

Use small planting containers: By using small plant containers, you can free up some space while at the same time include delightful plant life. Also, you have the ability to change the placement of your plants simply by moving them around to find out which is the most attractive pattern.

Use a water system: One of the most important landscaping ideas for small yards is to consider using a small irrigation system like a drip water system. By doing so, you allow yourself to have more plants that can fill up the outer areas and help hide your small yard.

Consider using rocks: Rocks can also help to give the illusion of space. Just be sure to pick the right rock type and rock color combinations. If you live in a desert, like Las Vegas, a landscape design Las Vegas Company can assist you in providing the best rock layout for your yard.

So, if you have a small yard, don’t give up before starting. There are plenty of landscaping ideas for small yards that you can utilize to create a beautiful landscape.

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