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Some people actually believe that Las Vegas, being in the desert, doesn’t have any trees besides palms. Las Vegas has many other types of trees, either planted in residential areas or on the properties of businesses. Therefore, tree care and maintenance, including tree trimming Las Vegas trusts, is crucial to help our trees thrive in a hot and dry climate.

Trees need to be trimmed for both their beauty and their health. A tree with a snarl of limbs, branches and twigs is not esthetically pleasing either to the homeowner or to the businessperson. A patch of ugly and ill kept trees can dissuade people from visiting a place of business. They reason if the business doesn’t take care of its grounds, it probably doesn’t take are of its business any better.

More importantly, a tree that has too many tangled limbs is in danger and dangerous. Limbs that rub together can cause a wound in the bark that allows infection in the tree. A tree can also suffer from weak growth and dead wood. Too many branches also block the circulation of air and can cause some of the limbs to die. This subjects them to snapping off in the wind and possibly causing property damage or injury. However, tree trimming is an art form that takes some care. Trimming insensitively can leave a tree with clumps of wiry, weak limbs that make the tree look even worse than it was before. We at Sunstate know the correct and healthy way to trim, prune and shape trees.

We also do more than Las Vegas tree trimming for our customers. Trees, like every living thing, get old, get sick and die and they’ll need to be removed. A very old, large tree will need to be removed with care. Unfortunately, trees can also be simply in the wrong place and need to be removed. Sometimes even a mature tree can be transplanted, but sometimes they simply need to be cut down. After they’re cut down, the unsightly stump will also have to be removed and ground up. We also know how to do this.

Older trees often need special care, and we at Sunstate also know how to deep feed and fertilize old trees. We can also let you know how healthy your trees are and whether they need some doctoring, or whether it would be best to cut them down.

Sunstate has been in the landscaping business since 1987 and we pride ourselves on our flexibility, our professionalism, reliability and follow-up. Our customers have always been impressed with not just our speed, thoroughness and creativity, but the value we give them for their money.