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Yard Feeder Saves HOA 30% On Water

When dwarf oranges began to fade just a year after the remodel, an HOA of a gated community in Las Vegas had two choices: buy new ones or try to salvage the existing ones. The first choice involved approaching the board for additional funding, which was unlikely. The association decided to go with the second one by adding water and fertilizer into the landscape.

What they didn’t realize that was that increasing the amount of water and dumping salt-rich fertilizers was only harming the plants. Once the salt in the soil gets to a certain level, it changes the pH level and kills not just the bacteria, but all living matter, and after a certain level it becomes virtually impossible to leach it out of the soil. When it comes from both fertilizers and water, it can accumulate quickly, destroying foliage.

That is just one of the issues with traditional fertilizers. Another one is that their usual Nitrogen Phosphorous and Potassium (N-K-P) formula provides only about 4 percent of the elements that plants need and usually leaves out Carbon, an essential nutrient for plants.

Sunstate Companies recently launched Yard Feeder that provides carbon and balances the soil. It’s an automatic feeder system that is designed for organic fertilizers, such as our Bio Tech Nutrients line, and it works with your existing irrigation system. Bio Tech Nutrients replace carbon in depleted soils and decrease soluble salts. All you have to do is to connect it to your drip or sprinkler system, and fill the tank with the appropriate amount of nutrition per square foot. Granule fertilizer is no longer required when using the Yard Feeder with Bio Nutrients. It can also be used for dispensing chemicals for mole and vole control, insect repellents, critter control, or any of the other many products available for use in fertigation tanks as long as they are not petroleum based.

Because the Yard Feeder rebalances the pH balance in the soil, it also helps reduce the amount of watering up to 30 percent a year. The cost of the feeding is a fraction of an average price for landscape maintenance.

The manager doesn’t have to worry about figuring out specific feed ratios. Our staff will set up the system depending on the soil condition and you’ll be able to schedule a refilling service. The Yard Feeder automatically disperses the Bio Nutrients and whether the tank empties in one day or six weeks, the foliage receives the right amount of fertilization.

“We have found a substantial cost savings to our company,” said John Resly, director of Landscape Operations for Focus Property Group in Las Vegas. “We no longer lose plants due to environmental stress and salt buildup. Plants have become more resilient to extreme cold and heat, and we’ve been able to reduce new plant matter by 30 percent for our new communities because the newly planted material grows so fast.”

Sunstate Companies is a distributor of the yard feeder and bio nutrients. To learn more, go to or email