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There are quite a few types of desert plants out there including wild flowers, cactus, succulents, and dessert grasses make up the majority of those plants. Are you thinking about which would make a great addition to your garden?

Wild FlowersBeautiful desert Flower – the bougainvillea

There are gorgeous spreads of wildflowers in the desert. Each year the desert flowers bloom at specific times, depending on the winter rainfall and temperature.

There are quite a few rapidly blooming flowers that have short life cycles. So when the plants bloom, it is a truly amazing site to be seen. Wildflower types change as the elevation ascends or descends.

The Bougainvillea is a drought tolerant plant with beautiful pink flowers, shown above. Texas sage is a popular purple flowering plant that can double as a nice hedge. The Red Bird of Paradise is a gorgeous orange-red perennial that is very drought resistant. The Fairy Duster is a fiery red and strong plant that can bring a spark to any garden. The Lantana can bring a pop to your garden with its mix of yellows, oranges, and reds. All the plants mentioned in this article make good drought resistant garden plants.
types of desert plants – cactusCactus & Succulents
Although many people think that a cactus is simply a thick plant full of sharp spines, these desert specimens have some of the most spectacular flowers in the entire Southwest. One case in point is the cholla cactus, a common cactus of the region. The cactus produces flowers that can have bright red, yellow, pink, orange and lavender petals. These flowers in time develop into fruits, many that contain a spiny covering, which hold the seeds of the cactus.

The tephrocactus articulatus, shown above, is incredibly drought resistant and bloom with beautiful white and yellow flowers.

Dessert Grasses
Alternatives to typical grass are a great idea for any desert landscape. Traditional grass needs a great deal of water.. Enjoying grass is possible in the desert without excessive watering. Turgidum, the grass seen below, is an excellent example of grass that does very well in desert gardens.
types of desert plants – turgidumIf you are interested in planting grasses like turgidum yourself, make sure that the ground is well tilled and that that roots are deep enough and that the soil is not over packed. Give the grass some room to breathe. Also, for better water absorption, you may consider having the slope of the landscape angling toward the plants so that the water rests on the patches of grass giving the grass more water, so that it stays as vibrant and green as possible.

Deciding The Right Combination

Having a nice blend of grasses, cacti, and wild flowers will make your garden bloom at different times of the year, so that it stays beautiful all year long. The diversity of plants in your garden will also leave your guests wondering where you got such a green thumb. This best part of all? You won’t have to spend nearly any time watering them!